Fitness tips

To help make my miles more manageable, and just get a better overall workout when I do find myself on the treadmill belt, I reached out to David Siik. I put his tips to the test, and actually enjoyed my last treadmill session. Read on the see if they help you tread right, too. Treadmill belt, for those who have the machine at home, walking belt.

1. Plan ahead
Don’t just hop on and go. First of all, you’ll be incredibly bored and more likely to stop short of your goal. Instead, have a strategy—whether it’s speed intervals, incline intervals, or a combination of both.

2.Step back from the display console
Running too close to the display causes you to shorten your stride and run with an unnatural posture, all of which means you aren’t running as efficiently as you could be. So inch back and give yourself some room.

more to come…